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Being well aware that we are better, stronger, more advanced and more accessible when we work together, dentists Sebastjan Perko and Matej Pirtovšek have joined forces. Desiring to achieve only the best results for you and your health, they opened the Medical Dentistry comprehensive dental clinic in the heart of Ljubljana. The clinic offers the full range of services for premium, comprehensive dental and oral cavity care to ensure your general health and well-being.

“If eyes are the windows to the soul, teeth are the window to our health.”

A healthy oral cavity has a considerable impact on your general health, so the best thing to do is put it in the hands of experts who are well aware of that. The Medical Dentistry clinic takes a brand new, completely different approach to treating dentistry patients. “It’s important to remember that the mouth is a significant part of the body and that its health or lack thereof has a critical impact on the whole body,” experts at the Medical Dentistry clinic say.

Medical Dentistry is not just another dental clinic – it is so much more than that. It is a health centre for the entire oral cavity. It is your destination for a healthy and beautiful smile, a place where top-level experts work together to achieve the best results possible.

For a preventive examination and consultation with our expert staff, please call 00386 1 23 23 235 or write to info@medical-dentistry.com.


Dr. Sebastjan Perko in dr. Matej Pirtovšek o kliniki Ustna Medicina

Dr. Sebastjan Perko and Dr. Matej Pirtovšek about the Medical Dentistry clinic

How would you describe the Medical Dentistry clinic in a few words?

S&M: Medical Dentistry is a team of experts under one roof, but it’s also a philosophy and a way of life. Expertise and warmth are just two of the adjectives that describe this invaluable team – people who dedicate their every day to providing services at the highest level for our patients.


Where did the idea for the clinic come from and what is the concept behind it?

S&M: The idea for the clinic grew from a project also called Medical Dentistry that was launched in 2013. The basic driving force behind it was the belief that it’s finally time for Slovenians to learn about the role of oral health and, above all, the importance of healthy periodontal tissues. Healthy periodontal tissues are a prerequisite and the foundation for a healthy smile. The project soon developed into a clinic, and we started raising awareness about other categories of oral health: the teeth, occlusion and aesthetics.


What sets you apart from other dentists in Ljubljana?

S&M: We could say that the way we approach and treat patients is what makes us different. We believe that every patient deserves a comprehensive approach to oral health. You can’t make the right diagnosis without the right diagnostics! Our work makes it possible for patients to keep their teeth throughout their life. The teeth become a source of health, stability and comfort, making for a beautiful smile. Because we recognise the importance of general health, we also pay a lot of attention to the choice and use of biocompatible materials.


What is the foundation of your work?

S&M: The foundations of our work are simple – experts who join our team must first know themselves thoroughly so they can then get to know and understand our patients. It is important to understand the knowledge that we have and to apply it for the good of the patient exactly in the way that it is needed. You could say that we start by looking into the soul of the person sitting in front of us, then looking into their open mouth and finally focusing on their teeth. We get very positive responses to our method of work – most people say that they’ve discovered and experienced dentistry in an entirely different way. Most of all, it’s important to us when people reveal that we’ve helped them to shed their internal fear of dentists. Our clinic welcomes children as well as adults, as we promote comprehensive “family” dentistry.


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Welcome to our holistic dentistry clinic!

The Medical Dentistry represents a completely new and different approach to patient treatment. To start with, we refer to everyone who wishes to begin their journey of oral care at our clinic, as our guests. We aim to make every guest who enters our clinic feel comfortable and safe, help them lose their fear of dentists and trust the professionals who will be handling their dental issues. The essence of our work is to raise the awareness of the general public about the importance of maintaining the health of the entire oral cavity which has a significant impact on the body, both physically and psychologically. We believe that the success of the dental treatment our guests receive is the result of a respectful and authentic relationship between the guest themselves and our staff. Therefore, we will always take the time to get to know you as a person and not just as someone ‘who owns a set of teeth’. We will never make decisions for you. Our job and commitment is to properly educate you and explain complicated matters in a simple way, and to offer you a variety of options to choose from. This is the only way we can make sure your decisions will be in alignment with your own personal values and wishes. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to either choose to support their own health, or say ‘no’ to anything they may not want to experience.