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Making the right diagnosis is essential where oral health is concerned. Many oral diseases can develop over a longer period of time. We tend not to notice these processes for several years, but once problems appear it is usually too late – the disease has already progressed. When it comes to detecting periodontal disease or bleeding gums, it is particularly important to make the right diagnosis in time, as symptoms of this treacherous disease do not appear until much of the damage has been done. The consequences are usually irreparable. With a modern approach, detecting periodontal disease is much easier, and a timely diagnosis enables fast and targeted treatment.

At the Medical Dentistry clinic, we examine the patient’s gums to determine what stage periodontal disease has reached. Using computer measurements, we define a detailed treatment plan and the anticipated results. By detecting and treating periodontal disease, we can prevent long-term problems such as gum recession and loss of teeth.

Detecting periodontal disease with modern diagnostics

1. A routine examination of the oral cavity to identify surface problems that can be seen with the naked eye.

2. A digital X-ray image of the oral cavity – a panoramic radiograph. Sometimes we will also take local images of smaller areas for a more detailed, area-specific diagnosis. An X-ray will reveal what the eyes can’t see. We want to see what is happening beneath the gum, whether the gum is affected and to what extent the bone is affected. We also look for any other types of problems visible on the image.

3. In-depth measurements reveal where and to what extent the periodontal tissues are affected. This is known informally as “pocket measuring”. Traditionally, these measurements are done with a dedicated periodontal probe, while the modern method includes the use of a computer probe. This procedure enables us to put the full characteristics of periodontal tissues on paper, creating a complete image of the condition in your mouth.

4. Two indispensable devices that we always use in our clinic are a digital camera and an intraoral camera. It is extremely helpful to have real-time images of your oral cavity on the day of examination as well as during and after the treatment.

5. Recently, we have started using laboratory bacteria testing very frequently. Testing provides detailed information on the type, number and dangers of the bacteria in your mouth and periodontal tissues. A DNA test will show whether you have a genetic tendency towards periodontal disease.

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