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Teeth whitening is gaining in popularity, since we all want to have a beautiful, healthy and sparkling smile. There are plenty of products available that promise to give you just that, but it is important to be careful when using them. At Medical Dentistry, we advise against home use of teeth whitening products, since products that are lacking in quality can damage the enamel, leaving lasting and irreparable consequences.

Before whitening
After whitening with White Dental Beauty system
At the Medical Dentistry clinic, we recommend White Dental Beauty teeth whitening. A fast, painless and, most importantly, safe method of teeth whitening, White Dental Beauty guarantees:

The combination of a whitening gel custom made for the procedure and gentle blue light in a specific spectrum guarantees better results than ever seen before in aesthetic dentistry.

Complete safety with no long-lasting sensitivity as a consequence of the whitening.

A study shows that in 88% of the cases, the results have remained unchanged and visible after six months.

The teeth whitening technology used at Medical Dentistry is generally painless and does not damage dental prostheses such as crowns, veneers and bridges. Provided that you follow your dentist’s instructions for oral cavity care, we guarantee long-lasting results.

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