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A dental veneer is a thin layer of tooth-coloured material made in the dental laboratory after extensive preparations at the clinic. Veneers are suitable for people who want to change the shape of their teeth and smile with confidence. Veneers are used in case of coloured, rotated or broken teeth, teeth that are misaligned in the dental arch and teeth that are irregularly or incorrectly shaped or spaced too far apart.
Z estetskimi zobnimi luskami iščemo harmonijo, ki je kljub subjektivnim merilom lepote vsem privlačna.

Dental veneers are made from bioinert porcelain, which means that they do not cause negative reactions in the body. In addition to being bioinert, the porcelain has excellent optical properties and with careful work, teeth can be made to look completely natural. The lifespan of dental veneers is 10 years before they have to be replaced, as experience and regular check-ups have shown.

Three Steps to a Perfect Smile

Befor dental veneers
After dental veneers
The advantages of veneers:
  • A natural appearance of treated teeth.
  • The gums tolerate the porcelain material very well.
  • Totally stain-resistant.
  • Dark teeth will look natural again.
  • Veneers change the shape of a tooth without the need for extensive tooth reshaping during the procedure.
When are veneers not recommended?
Dental veneers are not the right choice for patients with active gum diseases, as this prevents the correct making and application of veneers. Our doctrine requires that we treat the gums and periodontal disease first.

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