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Identify chronic jaw diseases and their causes with 100% reliable results.

Dr. Sebastjan Perko in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In order to contribute to the holistic recovery of our patients, we at the Dr. Perko Ustana Medicina specialise in localising the causes of chronic diseases in a
holistic manner, specifically, by finding the inflammatory foci in the jaw that are responsible for them.

You suffer from chronic diseases such as:

  • Breast cancer / prostate cancer?
  • MS (Multiple sclerosis)?
  • Rheumatism?
  • ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)?
  • Trigeminal neuralgia?
  • Chronic fatigue?

Thanks to a new, state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner at our practice, we are able to detect the connection between chronic diseases and imperceptible inflammations in the jawbone.

What is known as “silent inflammation” in the jaw, which neither causes pain nor makes itself noticeable in any other way, is often the trigger for chronic diseases such as rheumatism and chronic fatigue.

Dr. Perko – the latest technology at the highest level – latest diagnostic method using CaviTAU® ultrasound scanner

In order to reliably detect degenerated jawbone, which can be a trigger for chronic diseases, we use the modern, computer-assisted CaviTAU® ultrasound scanner.

Because it is radiation-free, this 100% environmental dentistry method is more reliable than the (2D) X-ray or DVT (digital volume tomography) diagnostics that are normally used.

What makes the CaviTAU® ultrasound scanner so special?

  1. “Silent inflammation”, which is often the cause of chronic diseases such as multiple
    sclerosis, rheumatism, cancer etc., can be detected with CaviTAU® at Dr. Perko Ustna
    Medicina in Ljubljana.
  2. Visualisation of chronic inflammatory bone changes in the jaw (FDOK), which are not shown in this clarity on X-ray images made by a 2D ultrasound scanner.
  3. 100% radiation-free
  4. Patient-friendly on-screen display (“red” for affected area / “green” for unaffected area) on the CaviTAU® monitor.
  5. Provides information on bone density and bone quality in the jaw area.

Other possible conditions induced by silent inflammatory diseases can include:

  • Burn out
  • Depressed moods
  • Vertigo, dizziness
  • Migraines
  • Chronic back pain
  • Atypical facial pain

Have you been suffering from any of the above symptoms for years?

Medical background knowledge on the new CaviTAU® ultrasound scanner

One indicator of chronic diseases is known as inflammatory messenger RANTES or CCCL-5. If this value is high, this means there is inflammation in the body.

It is now known that a focus of inflammation in the jaw area caused by various pretreatments (e.g. tooth loss, problematic root canal treatment or problematic implant placement) can be the trigger for chronic diseases.

An increased RANTES / CCL5 value is always to be measured in the case of jawbone
inflammation, as this has been proven to be a trigger for many chronic diseases. (Source: Visualisation of the cavity-forming osteolyses in the jawbone with
sonography, Dr. J. Lechner, Munich).

This type of jaw inflammation is not clearly detectable with conventional X-ray
equipment and is therefore often overlooked by dentists.

Dr. Perko in Ljubljana, Slovenia | We identify jawbone inflammation & RANTES!

At our Dr. Perko dental practice in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we work with the world’s first modern ultrasound-based CaviTAU® scanner.
Now, for the first time, it is possible to localise jawbone inflammations, which have been proven to trigger chronic diseases such as rheumatism, psoriasis and
breast cancer, 100% radiation-free!

Do you suffer from a chronic illness and would like to find out if you have an elevated RANTES value?

Contact Dr. Sebastjan Perko in Ljubljana, Slovenia for an examination, using the state-of-the-art CaviTAU® ultrasound scanner!

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