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Do you suffer from occasional pain and unpleasant sensations in the mouth?


There are a number of possible causes of granuloma. It can be caused by extensive tooth decay, an old and worn amalgam or composite filling, a prosthetic cap, a cracked dental crown or root, a root canal treatment done improperly, etc. A granuloma is a chronic inflammatory process in the organism and its immune cells. It is caused by bacteria in the root canal where the dental nerve is located. The bacteria will dissolve the jawbone and can cause an infection of the nerve in addition to damaging the tooth. Unless the granuloma is treated in time, the tooth may be lost. Much like periodontal disease, a granuloma has a negative effect on the development and progress of many other inflammatory diseases, autoimmune inflammatory processes, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and similar conditions. A granuloma is treated by extracting the nerve from the tooth, treating the canals and filling them with special material.

After treating the tooth, the canal has to be filled to the tips of the roots. If the dentist fails to do so, the end of the root canal will remain untreated, creating a pocket where bacteria can “hide” and continue to attack the bone below the tooth. This can result in occasional pain when you bite or in that well-known phrase, “I just got a toothache.” If you have noticed any of these symptoms, it is time to check whether you might be suffering from a granuloma.

A correct bite is important for chewing, for proper pronunciation and, last but not least, for your appearance. A functionally stable bite means that there is correct and even pressure on the teeth and they are working harmoniously with the jaw muscles and joints. Most often, this is not the case – the condition is known as malocclusion. A misaligned bite is usually caused by an incorrect relation between the jaws and misaligned teeth. Even if the teeth are otherwise healthy, malocclusion can cause various diseases of the mouth and jaw joints. If you feel or worry that your bite is changing, we recommend a detailed bite analysis that will allay your fears or provide information for treatment.

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